About FLOC Market

At FLOC Market, we’re passionate about food and drink. We love eating it, drinking it, buying it, talking about it and are always on the hunt for new tastes and new producers.

We’re also firm supporters of shopping locally. With so many amazing producers, suppliers and traders right on our doorstep, we’ve often asked why so many people swerve them in favour of supermarkets and food and drink that’s been transported from miles away.

The answer is convenience. Shopping for food and drink might be a pastime for us, but for some people it’s a job that needs to be done, so why not make it as easy as possible?

That got us thinking…

Imagine if there was a place where you could buy bread from your local baker, meat from a butcher just a few miles down the road, try a new wine from a wine seller round the corner and get your fruit and veg from a local grocer – all without leaving your house.

Introducing… FLOC Market. Our online marketplace is designed to make it easier than ever for consumers to get hold of quality produce and for small, independent businesses to get online without the admin-heavy hassle that makes it an impossible challenge for many of them.

By creating this, we want to encourage everyone to shop local and support the independents in their area.

FLOC Market isn’t just another online marketplace, it’s a platform that will change the way you shop for food and drink forever.

FLOC Founders

David & Lewis

Co Founders

Hey Everyone!

We love food and drink as much as you do and this has motivated us to set up FLOC Market in response to the COVID 19 outbreak putting all independent businesses at risk of failure, we decided that was not going to happen without a fight!

Our mission is to help make local producers, sellers and makers of great produce easy to find in one place – which is very exciting for would be customers!

We’re excited to share our marketplace with you, our local communities need help and we will work hard to tell everyone how great shopping local really can be!

We’re in this together.

David & Lewis